Role: Mental Health Coordinator

Team: UCSB Associated Students, Office of the President

Type of Work: Content Creation, Mental Health Advocacy, Social Media Marketing

Duration: September 2020 – May 2021

Project Background

During my role as a Mental Health Coordinator, I initiated a social media campaign (#MentalHealthMonday) reaching 800+ college students to spread awareness on on-campus mental health resources and relevant topics on mental health. I created the content, the copy, and the graphics, and collaborated with the Director of Communications to schedule them for every Monday.


To organize the topics and dates for when they were scheduled, I created a content calendar on Google Sheets. For some topics, I scheduled them around certain holidays or awareness months (for example, creating a post on suicide awareness during the month of May because May is Mental Health Awareness Month). My goal was to create bite-sized content that college students could digest, while also providing helpful resources on-campus.


  • 26 posts that were posted on the UCSB President’s official social media channels of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (see an example post below).