TikTok Strategy – Teva

Image from Teva’s website

Role: Digital Strategist at Gaucho Creative Marketing Group

Team/Client: Teva (Deckers Brand)

Type of Work: Content Creation, Target Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Social Media Audit, Social Media Analytics, SWOT Analysis, Community Engagement

Duration: March 2021 – May 2021

Project Background

For adventurous, environmentally-conscious, and fashion-forward young adults who need timeless and affordable shoes that last, Teva is a mission-driven footwear brand that prioritizes our planet and instills a sense of adventure.

For this project, I collaborated with 2 other Digital Strategists (along with a cross-functional team consisting of 3 Creative Strategists, 2 Designers, an Account Manager, and a Project Manager) to build out a comprehensive TikTok strategy for our client, Teva.

In my role specifically as a Digital Strategist, I performed social media audits across Teva’s digital channels (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), monitored follower growth, facilitated community engagement, conducted target market research (competitor analysis and SWOT analysis), tracked engagement analytics, and created TikTok videos. By doing this, our team wanted to ultimately accelerate Teva’s brand awareness as it entered a new social media channel (TikTok).

Business Goals:

  1. Verifying Teva’s TikTok account (receiving the coveted blue check mark).
  2. Encourage community engagement through re-sharing user-generated content and commenting on relevant content.
  3. Create quality content along multiple content buckets: shoe/sandal style feature, fashion, humor, influencer, dance, lifestyle/travel, social impact, and user-generated content.


Our overall project timeline was 2-months, chunked into primarily four stages that were about 2 weeks each: research (doing research about the target market/audience and social media platform), strategy (deciding our action plan), implementation (implementing our action plan), and hand-off (giving our client our deliverables). The timeline below outlines the steps we took.

29 March, 2021

Start of Client Cycle

Internal debrief (research about the target market/audience and social media platform) and begin strategy development

Strategy Deck

Presented overall content strategy for Teva’s TikTok to client

26 April, 2021
6 May, 2021

Content Creation

TikTok content creation, TikTok posting, & performance analysis

Midpoint Check-In

Update client about progress

10 May, 2021
27 May, 2021

Giveaway Announced

Giveaway of Original Universal Black Sandals announced on Teva’s TikTok to increase TikTok engagement

End of Client Cycle

Impact deck presented to clients and deliverables handed off to clients

28 May, 2021


  • 320% increase in follower growth (as of 6/9/21)
  • 1459 likes over 19 videos (as of 6/9/21)

(Note: Teva’s TikTok account first launched 5/6/21. These results were gained through organic social media growth and social media engagement strategies. No paid advertisements were used to promote their TikTok account.)


  • Teva Influencer Sourcing
  • TikTok Growth Sheet
  • TikTok Content (not pictured, check Teva TikTok account to view it)